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Install A Linux Web Server On Your Windows 7 PC With Vagrant

First, I’d like to reference an excellent video tutorial that I used for my initial foray into the Vagrant world. Click here to see that tutorial. Disclaimer: This blog entry does not necessarily follow safe computer/networking procedures. Use this only … Continue reading

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Google Chromecast Ain’t All That (Nor A Bag Of Chips)

Received my Google Chromecast today, and in spite of the fact that I was tired, I had to try it out. Followed the instructions: Plug into hdmi port on tv, plug in power, switch tv input to hdmi port (that … Continue reading

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EHR Experiences So Far

We began our descent into madness, the madness of EHR, around April of 2013. We were informed that the EHR system would go live on July 22, so all vacations would be cancelled. That was the first thing that turned … Continue reading

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phpMyAdmin on Windows 7

So, it’s been a while since I upgraded to Windows 7, and I thought everything was tweaked and functioning properly.  Turns out I was wrong.  I tried to login to phpMyAdmin, my favorite means of accessing a database (MySQL), on … Continue reading

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WordPress Installation On Home Computer vs. Installation Videos

I must have watched a video of an older version of WordPress, because the dashboard is in Site Admin (in the version I have) and write a post is in Posts / Add New.  Something I didn’t see in any … Continue reading

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