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Trigger Block Logic Or Why I Learned To Love Outlines

As a child they tried to teach me many things that I resisted learning. How could this possibly be useful was my first question? That, and the fact that their rigid teaching methods didn’t consider learning a concept enough, caused … Continue reading

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Missing George

Many times I’ve told my brother about George, and today he reminded me of that kindly, old gentleman. I worked in-house in security with George for many years. He was not perfect, but everybody liked him. He was just that … Continue reading

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Lyrics You Will Never Hear

When I woke up this morning Thinking of what to say Argue with myself right and wrong You said that you loved me You’d come back some day Out loud I wonder in this song My love, you’re my love … Continue reading

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Teaching a Dog to Tell Time – One Man’s Attempt

Day 1:  A sudden thought and I have an epiphany – teach a dog to tell time.  Having a dog that can tell time will alleviate the need to always wear a watch or to carry a timekeeping device.  Make … Continue reading

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My Recent Trip To California

The trip was long and boring.  You should know that taking a bus trip to give yourself time to think is not a bad idea (that’s what I did).  However, you will suffer in the process.  A cross-country bus trip … Continue reading

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