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Looking For A Good Sports Tracker For Bicycling? So am I!

I did my homework via Google and web reviews, and tried the following: Garmin Vivosmart HR+, Fitbit Charge 2, TomTom Spark Cardio GPS, and Samsung Gear Fit 2. Garmin Vivosmart HR+ – I chose this model because, c’mon, it’s Garmin, … Continue reading

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Doing Work While Playing

Taking a queue from Google, I have come up with an idea (that I’d like to get paid for) for doing work while playing: Put seeds (grass, tree, flower, etc.) in pellets/paintballs, so when people are playing (practicing war ???), … Continue reading

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Snow Crunches When You Walk On It Because …

It occurred to me that snow and leaves are similar in that they crunch when you walk on them. Why, I wondered. Why? They both fall from the sky, albeit most often from different heights. Perhaps this is a clue, … Continue reading

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Quick And Easy Music Command Generator In PHP

I won’t go in to the convoluted reason why I needed to write this script, but I will tell you that I recently used it to convert over 540 music files (using FFMPEG) from wma to mp3. You see, when … Continue reading

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MySQL Difference Between Dates In Days, Hours, Minutes

I was researching how to make a JavaScript countdown timer for a personal webpage, because that’s the only way to go if you want interactivity (client-side scripting at its best), and I thought, ‘how can I do this in MySQL?’ … Continue reading

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All Your Base Are Belong To Us

So, I was out riding my bike today and ran across this lovely little fellow: This appeared to be painted on the utility box (not a decal). I have no idea who designed or painted this, but if you can … Continue reading

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Cigarette Butts In The Wild

So it was pretty windy yesterday, and while riding my bike (undisclosed location) I noticed two cigarette butts (one white, one undisclosed color) running for their lives (as though the wind was chasing them). I wanted to ask them where … Continue reading

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No WMC No Windows 10

With a push to get everyone back on the Microsoft wagon, Microsoft is offering Windows 10 for free to Windows 7 and up users. I was initially excited while simultaneously worried. I mean, nothing in this life is free. There’s … Continue reading

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Working With XML/XSLT, JSON, And PHP

So, this tale, which for your sake I will attempt to make brief, is typical of my experiences in web development. As one of my old bosses used to say (and I’m paraphrasing), “if there’s a hard way to do … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Fun With Photoshop

So, it’s raining off and on, and taking a moment’s break from my usual tasks I decided to do something different. Looking at the weather map to see the rain occurring in the area always shows blank corridors. Obviously, these … Continue reading

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