Terminator Zombies

So, my brother is watching the second Terminator movie (one of my favorites) in the living room. I can hear it well enough, but I’m trying to concentrate on something else. The scene where the doctor says good morning to Sarah (where he explains how she stabbed him with a pen) is on, and for some reason, because zombies are all the rage, the idea of Terminator Zombies popped in my head. So, with that in mind (brains):

Come with me if you want to keep your brains … this where the terminator is sent back to protect Sarah from zombies.

or as my brother put it

Come with me if you want to eat brains … this where they’re offering to let you hang out (with them).

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One Response to Terminator Zombies

  1. robert says:

    You don’t understand, he just won’t stop till he’s eaten your brains.

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