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Auto Image Display With PHP And JQuery

This script will automatically display all the .jpg images in a given folder. The beauty of this script is that it needs no database access. The information for the caption (and alt) are in the images themselves. Easy modifications that … Continue reading

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EHR Experiences So Far

We began our descent into madness, the madness of EHR, around April of 2013. We were informed that the EHR system would go live on July 22, so all vacations would be cancelled. That was the first thing that turned … Continue reading

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Mail Merge For Something Other Than Letters

First and foremost, I am not saying this is a good use of Mail Merge, nor am I saying that this is anything you should do to make a website. This is only an example of Mail Merge being used … Continue reading

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Change WordPress Installation Location

When I installed WordPress on my home computer (for testing) I gave no real thought as to how it would be set up on my site should I decide to use it. You see, I’ve dabbled with a lot of … Continue reading

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