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Quick And Easy Music Command Generator In PHP

I won’t go in to the convoluted reason why I needed to write this script, but I will tell you that I recently used it to convert over 540 music files (using FFMPEG) from wma to mp3. You see, when … Continue reading

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No WMC No Windows 10

With a push to get everyone back on the Microsoft wagon, Microsoft is offering Windows 10 for free to Windows 7 and up users. I was initially excited while simultaneously worried. I mean, nothing in this life is free. There’s … Continue reading

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Install A Linux Web Server On Your Windows 7 PC With Vagrant

First, I’d like to reference an excellent video tutorial that I used for my initial foray into the Vagrant world. Click here to see that tutorial. Disclaimer: This blog entry does not necessarily follow safe computer/networking procedures. Use this only … Continue reading

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phpMyAdmin on Windows 7

So, it’s been a while since I upgraded to Windows 7, and I thought everything was tweaked and functioning properly.  Turns out I was wrong.  I tried to login to phpMyAdmin, my favorite means of accessing a database (MySQL), on … Continue reading

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