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F**k New York!

Recently went through the great state of New York to visit Niagra Falls.  Here comes an exaggeration, but it felt like we passed a toll every five minutes on Interstate 90.  I knew we were passing a toll area because … Continue reading

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Term Limits For All And Voting

The title says almost everything I wish to say:  There should be term limits for all!  I do mean all, including the Supreme Court.  Yes, I realize that would require an amendment to the constitution, but I’m okay with that. … Continue reading

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Dates in Month-Day-Year Format

I’ve seen posts and heard comments about how illogical it is that we (Americans of U.S. variety) use month/day/year date format. How can it possibly be logical? It doesn’t go from largest, most significant to smallest, least significant–you’re most familiar … Continue reading

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EHR Experiences So Far

We began our descent into madness, the madness of EHR, around April of 2013. We were informed that the EHR system would go live on July 22, so all vacations would be cancelled. That was the first thing that turned … Continue reading

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Spring Is Here (in New England)

The grass is greening, the dandelions pepper the landscape, and the dogwoods are blooming. Spring is finally here!

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John Carter Movie Trailer Rant

So, went to see “John Carter (of Earth)” last night.  Great CGI, decent story.  Entertaining overall.  I have these slightly negative comments, though:  “The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and … Bow and Arrow Guy?” he says as he … Continue reading

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Crosswalk Signals and Traffic Control

Okay, before I get off on my tangent, I’d like to say that the traffic signal light stack (for lack of a better term, known to me – green light, yellow light, red light) needs a pedestrian walk light.  Why?  … Continue reading

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The Price of Tea

I was a child of the 60’s and 70’s.  Yes, kids, that means I’m old.  No, kids, dinosaurs did not roam the earth in my childhood, more’s the pity.  It was a wonderful and terrible age.  It was before the … Continue reading

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Open Letter To President Obama & Congress

Dear Mr. President and Congress, Want to prop up the faltering economy? Forget stimulus checks that are way too small to do us any good, which you make us declare on our taxes the following year. Instead, try making jobs … Continue reading

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