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Apple Watch Continues To Disappoint

To be fair, the apple watch is a smart piece of kit, and not all of its shortcomings are seemingly of its own design, but — Battery life still fails to impress, although if you purchase the ultra model, it’s … Continue reading

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Kill A Squirrel Plant A Tree

Wait, before jumping on your soapbox, hear me out.  As I intend to offend everyone. Squirrels are natural tree planters.  They perform this job most of their waking hours, gathering and hiding nuts in preparation for lean times.  Because they … Continue reading

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Seriously Apple, Up To 18 Hours?

I have been waiting patiently to buy an apple watch, and was hoping the apple watch 6 would finally address the dismal battery performance issue.  Battery life is one of the most asked for features, and yet apple just can’t … Continue reading

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Term Limits For All And Voting

The title says almost everything I wish to say:  There should be term limits for all!  I do mean all, including the Supreme Court.  Yes, I realize that would require an amendment to the constitution, but I’m okay with that. … Continue reading

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Eversource – Why Does My Electricity Cost So Much?

I live in the NorthEast, and recently while paying my electric bill, I was looking over the costs (all prices cents per kWh): 8.123 – Service Rate 2.928 – Transmission Charge ??? – Distr Cust Srvc Charge (flat rate?) 0.246 … Continue reading

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Cheap OAir Sucks!

tldr; Bought airline tickets on Cheap O’Air.  Wanted to pay for an extra bag (originally only paid for one bag), but Cheap O’Air said I had to talk to Spirit Airlines directly.  Spoke with Spirit Airlines and they said I … Continue reading

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Gripes About Amazon

Overall, for a giant of a company, I’d honestly have to say they do a good job. However, I do have a couple gripes. If you have an issue with a delivery company, in my instance, LaserShip, and you complain, … Continue reading

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Another Bad Experience With Edge Browser

Microsoft has been trying really hard to jam Edge browser down everyone’s throats. Kind of reminds me of the old days with Internet Explorer. As a web developer, in the old days (really not too distant a past), we had … Continue reading

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