Dates in Month-Day-Year Format

I’ve seen posts and heard comments about how illogical it is that we (Americans of U.S. variety) use month/day/year date format. How can it possibly be logical? It doesn’t go from largest, most significant to smallest, least significant–you’re most familiar with this if you dabble in databases and computers. Neither does it go from smallest to largest, days to months to years. Why then would anyone use it, or think it reasonable?

Well, think back to the not too distant past when clocks were candles or sundials. It really wasn’t all that long ago. Anyway, back in that era, crops and farm work were scheduled more around times of the year that coincided with moons or months. I’m not saying they didn’t know what day of the month it was, but moons, months were much more important then. I mean, think about it, what’s the difference between the 3rd day of January and the 16th day of January? Not much. What’s the difference between 1963 and 2003? Not much. What’s the difference between March and April? Now that can be a big difference (depending on where you live and the climate).

Just my thoughts. Never researched this, so for all I know this could be true.

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