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Snow Crunches When You Walk On It Because …

It occurred to me that snow and leaves are similar in that they crunch when you walk on them. Why, I wondered. Why? They both fall from the sky, albeit most often from different heights. Perhaps this is a clue, … Continue reading

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Spring Is Here (in New England)

The grass is greening, the dandelions pepper the landscape, and the dogwoods are blooming. Spring is finally here!

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Salsa Snob or Salsa Connoisseur

Someone in my family calls me a salsa snob, because I turn up my nose at any salsa that’s not fresh. Hey, if it’s cooked (in New York City !?!) and then sits in a bottle on a shelf for … Continue reading

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My brother brought home a surprise for me last night (I won’t explain why here) – tamales.  A couple were beef and the rest were chicken, cheese, and pepper. My nephew was excited to try this new (to him) food … Continue reading

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