John Carter Movie Trailer Rant

So, went to see “John Carter (of Earth)” last night.  Great CGI, decent story.  Entertaining overall.  I have these slightly negative comments, though:  “The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and … Bow and Arrow Guy?” he says as he digresses to talk about a trailer that showed before the movie.  Okay, we won’t knock hot chick with a gun, ’cause frankly, hot chick, gun, but Bow and Arrow Guy?  The Hulk, strong enough to throw a tank, Iron Man, flies and has military grade weapons, Thor, a Norse God, Captain America, well, frankly a bit weak in the scheme of things, but he has history, the shield, and superior strength, and then we have Bow and Arrow guy.  How sad is that?  Hey, I’ve got a bow and arrow!  Sure, it doesn’t do much against tanks, or alien spacecraft, or anything.

What is this, a politically correct (PC) movie?  Does this guy have a great lawyer?  What?!!  And speaking of PC, where’s the black superhero?  I think it’s great they have Samuel Jackson as the leader, the man in charge, but he’s wearing an eye patch, so he must be missing an eye.  Right?  And, of course, ’cause of the type of movie that it is, they’re going to regulate Sam’s language.  How is that super?

All kidding aside, I can hardly wait to see the movie.

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