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A Public Service Announcement from F.O.O.D.

F.O.O.D. – Friends Of Obliging Dinosaurs – is an organization trying to bridge the rift between man and dinosaur. Our motto — with education comes understanding, with understanding comes tolerance, and with tolerance comes appreciation. F.O.O.D. realizes the following rules … Continue reading

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Interview With A Shrink

Went to an interview fairly recently where two people, an HR person and the owner of the company, interviewed me. The owner, I suspect, prescribed (a psychologist or psychiatrist, hence prescribed) the interview process in which I was caught: good … Continue reading

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Job Interview Issues

To all those (lucky enough to have a job) who are interviewing someone for a position at their company. Why? : Make me fill out an application for a position which you are not going to offer me. BTW, I … Continue reading

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