Job Interview Issues

To all those (lucky enough to have a job) who are interviewing someone for a position at their company.

Why? :

  1. Make me fill out an application for a position which you are not going to offer me. BTW, I put all that info on my resume. Anyway, let’s do the application thing after the interview if you’re still interested.
  2. Have the courtesy (manners, respect, whatever you want to call it) of contacting me (send me an e-mail at the very least) regardless of whether or not I get the position. Don’t keep me hanging. Maybe you don’t have the time to notify everyone that applied for the position, but you should have enough time for those you interviewed. Hey, my time is valuable (to me if no one else), and I deserve that much.
  3. If I’m not answering your question (ex: Tell me about yourself?) to your satisfaction, tell me what you want me to focus on. I’m not psychic, and don’t know you well enough to know what you’re really looking for.

Catch Phrases That Irk Me:

  1. Outside the box – Just give this one a rest. Come on, everyone has been outside the box so long now, it seems kind of refreshing to be “in the box.”
  2. Self-starter – Seriously??? Unless my mom got me up this morning, fed and dressed me, packed my lunch, drove me to the interview, etc., I think I’ve proven I’m a “self-starter.” Okay, if you don’t buy that, do you seriously think I’m going to say, ‘no, not a self-starter’ when you ask?

Thanks for your careful consideration concerning the above.

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One Response to Job Interview Issues

  1. suebert says:

    You hit that nail on the head.

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