Missing George

Many times I’ve told my brother about George, and today he reminded me of that kindly, old gentleman. I worked in-house in security with George for many years. He was not perfect, but everybody liked him. He was just that kind of guy. His wife, Lupe, worked at the same company and would stop by when entering and exiting the property. George would oftentimes deride me in her presence, and she would always come to my defense, “Be nice to the baby.” To which George would always respond, “Baby what? Baby gorilla.” We would all laugh, because we knew George was just teasing.

One time I made a couple sweet potato pies for George. As I had never made a sweet potato pie before, and as I loath sweet potatoes, yams, and the likes, I asked for advice on how to make it from George. He gave me the basic idea, listing several ingredients. Remember, this was years back, before the omnipresence of the internet, so we actually talked to people face-to-face. One of the ingredients he spoke of was nutineg. I asked him what was nutineg, even though I was quite sure he meant nutmeg. His only response, “Nutineg, dummy!”

Back to the intro, my brother said, “Nutineg, dummy!” today and my mind drifted all those years back (the mind being the original time machine). I loved that old man and I’m sorry to say I never told him. I’m sure he and his wife knew as much, as I knew they loved me. I miss George.

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