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Apple Watch Continues To Disappoint

To be fair, the apple watch is a smart piece of kit, and not all of its shortcomings are seemingly of its own design, but — Battery life still fails to impress, although if you purchase the ultra model, it’s … Continue reading

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Seriously Apple, Up To 18 Hours?

I have been waiting patiently to buy an apple watch, and was hoping the apple watch 6 would finally address the dismal battery performance issue.  Battery life is one of the most asked for features, and yet apple just can’t … Continue reading

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iCrap, Or Why I Hate Apple Products

Went over to my brother’s house to help him set up his wireless network.  By coincidence, his network went down when hurricane Sandy passed through the neighborhood.  Anyway, my brother went to a local store (rhymes with TestMy) and they … Continue reading

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