Seriously Apple, Up To 18 Hours?

I have been waiting patiently to buy an apple watch, and was hoping the apple watch 6 would finally address the dismal battery performance issue.  Battery life is one of the most asked for features, and yet apple just can’t seem to figure out what the people really want.  How many more people would purchase an apple watch if it had a more reasonable battery life?  I know I would.  I just don’t see up to 18 hours being reasonable.  I mean, if you want to use it while sleeping (sleep monitoring), you have to charge it before going to bed.  What a piece of crap.  I’m ranting here, and I’m not even going to separate this into logical units (at least not right now).  I’m just not going to buy something that would go dead on me should I be away from the power grid for more than 18 hours.  Just not going to do it (and believe me, I want one).  Can you imagine someone getting lost in some inhospitable place, and their only piece of electronic assistance lasts up to 18 hours?  What a joke!

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