Another Bad Experience With Edge Browser

Microsoft has been trying really hard to jam Edge browser down everyone’s throats. Kind of reminds me of the old days with Internet Explorer. As a web developer, in the old days (really not too distant a past), we had to “make sure it works in Internet Explorer,” but now it seems we have to “make sure it works in Edge.”

Why, I ask? From what I’ve seen it’s not very popular, nor is I.E. for that matter. Supposedly it runs on the same engine as Firefox, but why isn’t it as good as Firefox (I’m a fan, btw)?

It’s supposed to be faster, but at the expense of what? I can tell you at least one thing it’s at the expense of, element redrawing when you’re updating data dynamically with javascript/jQuery. I know this issue has reared its ugly head in the past with other browsers, but in this day and age?

Why did my code TODAY work in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, but not Edge? Think redraw/repaint.

The fix was easy enough, hide and show the element. However, why Edge, why?

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