Drool, The Movie Spectacular

One of my friends was recently perusing one of my websites and asked me about Frank. She thought his drawings were amazing. Talking about Frank made me realize we never posted our greatest achievement (that we did together). To that end, ‘Drool’ is posted for your enjoyment.

Frank Bretzing, someone I once worked with (in two different jobs), wrote the story and drew each image by hand. The ‘grunt work’ (done by yours truly) included scanning each image, coloring each image (I probably used photoshop), and then linking the images together to make an avi (some free software, I don’t remember the name of).

Frank, as you can tell, is very creative and talented. I remember we were both initially very excited at the prospect of making a cartoon. I also remember how we both learned how much work it was to make a cartoon (at least when done in this manner), even one as short as this. Unfortunately, no background music or sounds were ever put to this masterpiece.

I believe this was done in 1999.

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