Are You Creative

This post will be all over the place, but that’s life. When asked if I am creative (in the application/interview process), I’m not sure how to answer. Honestly, who isn’t creative? I suppose what they mean is, “Do you let your creativity out (to play)?” Anyway, the answer is usually a simple yes (accentuated by a shrug of the shoulders). I might elucidate by suggesting they visit one of my websites, Chuckman Superhero for example, knowing full well that they will probably not appreciate the creativity therein, hoping what they do see will not adversely affect my chances.

Anyway, to the thought that started this. No, it was not about job interviews, but creativity and my process from point A to point B. I say my process, because of something a dear friend once said to me in a huff (angrily), “Not everyone thinks like you, Rob!” I’m still not sure if that’s true or not. If it is, more’s the pity.

A neighbor of ours, Brad, has been nicknamed by my brother, ‘Brad The Inhaler.’ I won’t go into why. Anyway, this morning my brother was talking about Brad. My brain was drifting and the acronym, BTI, jumped to mind. I said BTI out loud a couple times, and in an effort to make it easier to say, it became bitty. One thing lead to another and I envisioned Brad all gangster (gangsta) as Bitti-G (pronounced Bit-E-G). Bitti-G all be like, Bitti-G where yo’ posse at?, and the likes started coming out of my mouth.

Fast forward to the end of my bike ride (about 1/2 hour later) and I’m singing Bitti-McGee to the tune ‘Me & Bobby McGee.’ Now I sit here writing this, listening to Janice (Joplin) while singing along (and substituting Bitti-McGee). By the way, my brother wasn’t surprised by my music choice.

So, the question is, am I creative?

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