To Someone I Love(d)

Preface – Whether you think this is good or bad I wrote this in the early 90’s (probably 1992). If anyone else tells you they wrote it, they are a liar. I look at it now and see that it has potential (if you don’t mind the drift and the abrupt ending). This now looks to me like 2 or three poems, but at the time …

I drink of her love as a man that has walked through a desert drinks of water
It would not matter if it were bitter
To him it would tasted sweet
It would not matter that his sunburned and wind-cracked lips did sting
It would still be pleasing to the touch
It would not matter that the hunger of a wild beast gnawed at his belly
He would thirst more
I thirst more

In the journey of your soul
I look back when I reach your heart
To see my footsteps in the sand that stretch on forever
I see the mountains of anger that I have crossed over
And think of the valleys of jealousy
And fields of indifference I walked through
I still thirst from the desert of your pride
And am wet from the rainclouds of your emotion
It has been a long walk
I am glad to be home

I think of my love and I realize I love her
I see my love and my heart races
We move toward each other
And as we meet
My body cries out because it has been too long
Her skin is soft and it responds to my touch
My mind is overcome be a tidal wave of passion
I am consumed
When our dance is done
I think of my love and I realize that I love her

When I look into your eyes, my heart pounds like horse drawn chariots
I envision them to be similar to the great races they had at the coliseum (in the Roman era)
Horses running with nostrils flared, eyes wild with untamed fury
Men steering their paths lest they turn to face each other to fight as stallions do in the wild
Their magnificent figures full of strength and stamina
Pulling, straining, running as fast as their bodies will take them, around and around the track
Furious, wild beasts in the heat of the race
Tame, meek and mild pets, seeking care and tenderness when the race is done

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