The Divergent Series: Insurgent Review

I finally got around to seeing the movie today (probably one of the last to see it at the theater). To be honest, it surprised me that it was in the theaters so long. I guess it struck a cord with some people. I guess.

Anyway, I could make a long list of issues I had with the movie (the script), but I’ve condensed it down to this:

  • Nothing against the script in this one. Just thought it was worth noting. Anyway, Leonardo can finally rest in peace as Kate didn’t live long enough (this time) to throw any more diamonds into the ocean. Score one for the men!
  • The smart ones (erudites), really? How smart can they be to let the divergent’s brother into the control room.
  • The smart ones, again. Letting the conniving dauntless into the control room? If the movie had run for another 15 minutes, I’m sure he would have flipped sides again.
  • Who didn’t see the “let’s get intimate so I can escape while you’re sleeping” scene coming? Talk about predictable (as well as stereotypical).

Seriously, did the person that wrote this just give up or go missing (thereby forcing the movie execs to use a homeless person to finish writing the script)?

In spite of my gripes (and there are more that I shan’t list), I enjoyed the movie. Shouldn’t win any awards, but entertaining.

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